All our programs are perfect for absolute beginner riders,

through to the more experienced rider.

With all our programs we encourage our guests to bring their own

horse so both rider and horse learn the skills that they desire.

Welcome to Rod Cotters Campdrafting Clinics

Learn horsemanship and the skills required to work as one with your horse from an expert in the field.

Good teamwork, whether it’s with people or animals is all about communication and learning to speak each other’s language, Rod can teach you this, as his knowledge about horses is well known and proven.

Testimonials from people attending his clinics all praise his skill, patience and understanding of what the horse requires from its owner.

About Us

Cots Camp is owned and run by Rod Cotter, a horseman with a particular set of skills that sets him apart from the rest.  After years of competing, where he won or placed in more than 500 campdraft competitions, he decided to teach others how to gain a better understanding and relationship with their horse, so they could experience the joy of working as a one, just rider and horse.

In a campdrafting competition, a rider on horseback must “cut out” one beast from the mob of cattle in the yard or the “camp” and block and turn the beast at least two or three times to prove to the judge that they have the beast under control. To do this well you have to communicate with your horse, and this is often where things go wrong and where Rod can help.

The Camp is situated on a 600 acre private cattle property that has been in the Cotter family for 3 generations. Located in the town of Widgee Queensland, which is about 25kms west of Gympie.

There you will find Rod Cotter with his team of horses and his 500 head of cattle that are used for his campdraft clinics.

We have a photographer at all clinics to catch all your special memories while you are campdrafting. You will have the opportunity to purchase any photos you may want.

Campdrafting Clinics

Our campdraft clinic offers a unique Australian horse sporting experience, where the horse and rider work with cattle. The clinics run once a month over 2 days and include accommodation and meals.

This campdraft clinic is suitable for all levels of riders, of any age. If young children want to do a clinic, we require a parent or caregiver to be riding with them.

We have 2 closed arenas, 1 full size and 1 smaller one. This is a very hands on clinic with all our guests having one on one time with Rod in both arenas.

4 Day Clincs

The Total Bush Experience

Cots Camp can now offer you a unique experience to explore the bush life while bonding with your own horse in the form of a 4 day and night bush experience ride.

This experience is like no other, you are able to spend 4 days working with and training your own horse mustering, working cattle, and campdrafting all with the individual guidance of Rod. He will help you with anything you would like to achieve with your horse.

Private Lessons

If the scheduled clinics do not suit, you can request a special campdraft for either 1 day or 2.

  • 2 day clinics require a minimum 10 riders
  • 1 day clinics require a minimum of 5 riders

We also do one on one lessons which are a minimum of an hour.


Rod has limited spots to train and or re-educate horses, the training is done on a weekly basis where we then inform you on how your horse is progressing and what the next step is, the feeding of your horse is included in the price.

This process works best if you are able to come along with your horse for at least part of it, so we can show you how to best communicate your instructions and work with your horse.

Breaking in Services

Past enquires have now led us to be able to take breakers once again at Cots Camp.

Horse breaking $2400 plus GST for 6 weeks

If you are after any more information, or availability or would like to book your horse in, please just contact us via:

Facebook Messenger
Phone: Rod 0429 897 711


A massive thank you to the team at cots camp over the weekend.
I’ve come away on cloud 9, with both my horses and massive improvement in myself over this weekend.

Thank you Rod for having these clinics and allowing people to come to your property to learn and have a great weekend.
The cattle were fantastic. For someone who suffers major anxiety attacks riding into a camp, to walk away feeling confident and excited about next year just goes to show what an amazing job you guys do, not just for experienced riders but riders who haven’t really rode much before, let alone drafted.

Thank you for being patient Rod, and understanding no matter the situation. You couldn’t wipe the smile off my face, still can’t, all weekend. I had a blast. Without you, people like me couldn’t overcome many issues within themselves and horses.

Thank you again!



Camp Location:
577 Power Road, Widgee QLD 4570

PHONE: 0429 897 711
Please send us a text if we don’t answer
and we will call you back asap.
We may be in the paddock or on a horse.