The Total Bush Experience

4 Day Campdraft Clinic

A specialty of Cots Camp is our 4 day stockcamp rides where you come join us in the life of a cattleman/woman.  In this camp we encourage you to bring your own horse. Rod is there to assist with the training of your horse if needed while out mustering the cattle, and learning all the skills of cattle and horse husbandry.

Learning to crack a stockwhip, camping out under the stars or around a camp fire, and enjoy home cooked meals served with a smile.

Photos will be taken throughout the 4 days and put on an USB for you to take home as a keepsake of your holiday. Theres is no charge for this.

What you can expect

At Cots Camp our main priority is fun, we want to to enjoy and remember this experience, as it is like no other. You will spend 4 days and nights working with and training your own horse mustering, working cattle, and campdrafting, all with the individual guidance of Rod, who can help you with anything you would like to achieve with your horse.

Its all about bonding with your horse, gaining some knowledge and skills associated with life on the land,  working cattle and horses, with a bit of campdraft experience.  Everyone has good time, with lots of laughter and even a few drinks, when we kick back and relax.

All that is required is a horse, a swag, and a ‘can do’ attitude.

Your Bush Experience

Here is a little guideline of our itinerary

Day One

Day One

Arrive and welcome to the stockcamp.

Spend the day bonding with your horse, under saddle trail riding around Cots Camp and neighbouring properties.

Enjoying a BBQ lunch and a few cold drinks down by the creek and having a few yarns together. This is the perfect opportunity to establish what you would like to achieve with your horse over the 4 days by having a chat with Rod.

Rod will be there at all times to help train, provide encouragement, advice and knowledge, and even ride your horse and assist with your goals.  This is an extremely unique opportunity where you are able to work together and train your own horse while coveying with an experienced horse trainer.

We then head back to Cots Camp for a hot shower, we will have the campfire going, so you can sit and relax with a few drinks, while waiting for the home cooked meal to be served up.

When you’re ready you can head back to camp for a night of sleep under the stars.

Day Two

Day Two

Start the morning with a hearty breakfast, then off to saddle up and muster roughly 200 head of cattle. These cattle will be put into the yards.

Once cattle are yarded you will then learn how to draft off cattle and to mouth cattle to be used in the following days campdraft clinic.

We will then have some lunch at back at Camp where any further questions can be answered about what we have done so far.

Experience and help plunge dip the cattle, which helps keep the parasites off the stock.

The rest of the afternoon will then be spent in our small arena, learning about flight zones, cutting out and positioning of cattle as a starting point of our campdraft clinic.

Then its back to camp for hot showers, campfire and our home cooked meal, all while talking about our day.

Day Three

Day Three

On our third day we will start with a healthy but quick breaky so we can pack up a few things and our horses and head on over to “Marchwood” (a ten minute drive up the road) for another day of mustering and cattle work.

We will muster the breeder cows and their calves into the yards.

Here you will be hands on with the branding, castration of the bull calves, needling calves for 5 in 1, and more drafting.

After the cattle work we will be relaxing around the salt water pool with a few drinks and snacks, if you don’t want to swim you can hit the beautiful old style facilities that are available at “Marchwood”

Time to have our swags ready around the campfire, another beautiful home cooked meal.

Day Four

Day Four

After enjoying our last breakfast together, we head off back to Cots Camp for our full campdraft clinic.

Learning all the fundamentals of campdrafting, starting or extending your knowledge of the sport. And wrapping a few cattle around the pegs.  This is all done in a no pressure environment, with a lot of encouragement and fun.

Each person is spoken to individually to ensure everyone’s personal needs and skill levels are focused on.

We have our last lunch together, swap phone numbers with our new friends, pack up our gear and head off back to our homes thinking and smiling to ourselves of the great time you just had.

This is technically a 4 day 3 night ride, but you do have the option of coming the afternoon before we start so you are ready for the action and not rushed on the first day, and your more than welcome to stay the 4th night after we finish so you can refresh, relax and start your journey home the following morning.

The Cost

4 Day Stockcamp with own horse
Contact the Cots Camp for availability and cost of the ride.
This service is on request.


Camp Location:
577 Power Road, Widgee QLD 4570

PHONE: 0429 897 711
Please send us a text if we don’t answer
and we will call you back asap.
We may be in the paddock or on a horse.