The sport is unique to Australia and growing in popularity both in the competitive filed and with those wanting a better understanding and relationship with their horse.

Many of the skills you will acquire will assist you with general riding and working tasks around your property.

Horses are no different from people in the way they have individual personalities, quirks, likes and dislikes, learning to read the queues they are giving you and responding appropriately will make you a better rider and help you develop a better partnership with your horse.

The idea behind the sport is to choose a beast from the group assembled and then proceed to cut them out from the rest.  The beast will try to manoeuvre around the horse and rider to join back with the mob, it is the riders job to keep the beast separated until the judges have had time to observe the riders skill level.  The beast is moved out of the arena through a gate.

This requires a high degree of skill from both the horse and the rider and it is Rod’s job to help you learn how to work togther the achieve this goal.

What makes our campdrafting different from everyone else is the hands on practical way we teach.

You will get 12+ opportunities to work fresh cattle throughout the weekend with a judged run at the end.

The first day is about building a foundation and bond between you and your horse. Helping you through any problems you may be experiencing.

We begin by talking to you about what you can expect over the two days, consolidating the basics so we have something to build on.

We will film each rider and go through the video with you that evening so you can see where you can improve. Our guests find this invaluable as they can see first hand what they are doing.

Cots Camp runs weekend clinics each month throughout the year.

  • $440 (inc GST) per person
  • Deposit $220 (inc GST – non refundable)
  • Remaining $220

Non riders for the weekend is $82.50 (inc GST) this will cover your meals.

One Day Clinic – on request
10 people or more

  • $242.00 (inc GST) per person

5 people or more

  • $275.00 (inc GST) per person

    Junior Weekend Clinics during school holidays
    12 years and under

    • $165 (inc GST) per person

    Juvenile 13 – 16 years – This is run as an adult clinic

    • $275 (inc GST)

    Two Day Private Clinic – on request
    10 people or more

    • $440.00.00 (inc GST) per person
    • Deposit $220 (inc GST – non refundable)
    • Remaining $220

        Things you need to know

        Arrival time is anytime after 1pm Friday and before 8:30pm
        What to bring

        • Fencing for your horses – if you are bringing a stallion please message us for conditions
        • Water buckets and feed for horses
        • Your own sleeping gear
        • Generator if you want power at your campsite
        • Dogs are allowed but must be on a lead at all times and tied up when you are riding.

        What we supply

        • Meals from Friday night to Sunday lunch
        • Shower and Toilets
        • Drinks for sale – variety
        • Water for your horses but will need to bring your own hose

        Our Location

        Our address is 577 Power Road Widgee. If you follow Power Road to the end you will come to a gate with Cots Camp on it. Go through the gate, through the cross crossing and over a grid. Keep  following the road up and you will find us.

        2024 Timetable

        13th – 14th Cots Camp Clinic

        3rd – 4th Cots Camp Campdraft

        7th – 8th Cots Camp Clinic

        5th – 6th Cots Camp Clinic​

        Gingers Photography

        Would you like to purchase ALL of your photos and videos from this weekend to keep as a memory forever?

        Price – $35 per USB for individuals

        BYO USB and price will be reduced to $25

        Additional rider’s photos and videos can be included on your disc or USB for an additional $15 per person


        ROD COTTER
        Camp Location:
        577 Power Road, Widgee QLD 4570

        PHONE: 0429 897 711
        Please send us a text if we don’t answer
        and we will call you back asap.
        We may be in the paddock or on a horse.